Nail the TOEIC® Speaking Test for Question 3-4: Describe a picture!

1. How to practice SPEAKING Questions 3-4 on TOEIC® Test Pro

The second task of TOEIC® Speaking is the Describe a picture section. To complete those tasks, you are required to see a picture on the screen and then describe as much as you can see from the picture. To help learners be well-prepared for this Speaking part, TOEIC® Test Pro introduces to you the comprehensive guide of Speaking Questions 3-4: Describe a picture section.
- Step 1: Firstly, you are provided with practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- Step 2: After pressing the TAKE TEST button, you will see the specific directions for each one, read them carefully then start your task. 
- Step 3: You will have 45 seconds to look at the picture shown on the screen
- Step 4: After preparation time, your answer will be recorded automatically
- Step 5: Press the recording button to submit your answer
- Step 6: Review your answer then move to the next questions

2. Frequently asked questions about the TOEIC® SPEAKING Questions 3-4

2.1. What does TOEIC® Speaking Questions 3-4 involve?
Questions 3-4 in the TOEIC® Speaking section typically revolve around describing a picture or an image. Test-takers are required to speak based on specific prompts related to the visual content.

2.2. How much time is given for each task in Questions 3-4?
The time allocated for each task may vary, but generally, test-takers are given a set amount of time to prepare their response and a specific time to speak.

2.3. What types of pictures are included in Questions 3-4?
The pictures can vary and may include scenes, objects, or scenarios. The purpose is to assess the test-taker's ability to convey information about what is depicted in the image.

2.4. Can I take notes during the preparation time?
Test-takers are usually not allowed to take notes during the preparation time. The focus is on preparing mentally for the response.

2.5. Is pronunciation important in Questions 3-4?
While pronunciation is important in all sections of the TOEIC® Speaking test, in Questions 3-4, emphasis may also be placed on the ability to express ideas clearly and coherently.

2.6. How should I structure my response in Questions 3-4?
It's important to have a clear structure in your response. Start with an introduction, provide details about the picture, and conclude with a summary or closing statement.

2.7. Can I practice for Questions 3-4?
Yes, you can practice for Questions 3-4 here using our TOEIC preparation materials, including TOEIC® practice tests or mock test and mini test. Practice describing various images and receiving feedback can be beneficial.

2.8. Are there specific scoring criteria for Questions 3-4?
The scoring criteria may include the ability to describe the picture accurately, coherence, pronunciation, and overall oral communication skills. Specific scoring details are typically provided by the TOEIC® test administrators.

2.9. What should I focus on during the preparation time for Questions 3-4?
Use the preparation time wisely to analyze the picture, identify key details, and organize your thoughts. Consider the main elements and practice expressing them clearly.

2.10. Can I refer to the picture while speaking in Questions 3-4?
Test-takers typically cannot refer to the picture while speaking, so it's crucial to use the preparation time to familiarize yourself with the image.

It's time to start preparing by doing the TOEIC test online on TOEIC® Test Pro!

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