Pass the TOEIC® Speaking Test for Question 5-7: Respond to questions!

SPEAKING Q5-7: Respond to questions
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1. How to practice SPEAKING Questions 5-7 on TOEIC® Test Pro

The third task of TOEIC® Speaking is the Respond to questions. To complete this task, you are required to answer the provided questions in a short time. Thus, you should build a quick reflexes to answer the question on time. To help learners be well-prepared for this Speaking test, TOEIC® Test Pro introduces to you the comprehensive guide of Speaking Questions 5-7: Respond to questions
- Step 1: Firstly, you are provided with practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- Step 2: After pressing the TAKE TEST button, you will see the specific directions for each one, read them carefully then start your task. 
- Step 3: You will have 3 seconds to look at the question on screen and prepare to answer it
- Step 4: After preparation time, your answer will be recorded automatically
- Step 5: Press the recording button to submit your answer
- Step 6: Review your answer then move to the next questions

2. Frequently asked questions about the TOEIC® SPEAKING Questions 5-7

2.1. What does TOEIC® Speaking Questions 5-7 involve?
Questions 5-7 in the TOEIC® Speaking section typically involve responding to written prompts or questions. Test-takers are required to provide spoken responses based on the information presented in text format. These questions assess your ability to convey information clearly and effectively through spoken English.

2.2. How long is the preparation time in Questions 5-7?
You will have 3 seconds to read the question and prepare to answer it.

2.3. Can I take notes during the preparation time in Questions 5-7?
Test-takers are usually not allowed to take notes. The emphasis is responding based on the information provided.

2.4. What should I focus on during the preparation time for Questions 5-7?
Use the preparation time wisely to understand the context of the information or situation. Identify key points, pay attention to details, and be ready to articulate your responses clearly.

2.5. Can I review the question during Questions 5-7?
Generally, test-takers cannot review the question. It's important to read and understand the question attentively during the initial time and respond accordingly.

2.6. How should I structure my responses in Questions 5-7?
Responses should be structured logically. Start with a concise introduction, address the specific points raised in the question, and conclude with a summary or closing statement.

2.7. Can I practice for Questions 5-7?
Yes, you can practice for Questions 5-7 with TOEIC® practice test include sample questions or mock test on TOEIC® Test Pro. Practice listening to conversations and talks and providing clear spoken responses today to ace the highest score for this part.

It's time to conquer the TOEIC® test by doing a TOEIC practice test online !

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