Be ready for PTE writing practice tests!

1. Overview of PTE Writing Section

1.1. Time and Question Format

The Writing section in the PTE exam typically lasts for about 40-50 minutes. Generally, PTE Writing is used to assess candidates' writing skills, so thorough preparation before participating in the official test is crucial.

Although the PTE Writing test accepts various styles of English writing such as British English, American English, Australian English, etc., candidates should choose a consistent writing style throughout both of their essays.

1.2. Structure

The Writing section in PTE consists of two parts, both of which are used to assess candidates' summarizing and argumentative skills.

- Summarize Written Text: Candidates read a passage and summarize the main points in one sentence. (10 minutes)

- Write Essay: Candidates have to write a short essay of 200 to 300 words on a specific topic within the given time frame (10-30 minutes).

1.3. Required Skills

The assessment criteria for the two question types differ, but overall, they revolve around four main factors, including Form, Content, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

- Content Organization: Arrange ideas logically and coherently in both summarizing and essay writing tasks.

- Grammar and Vocabulary: Use correct grammar and a wide range of vocabulary.

- Sentence Structure: Write clear and concise sentences with appropriate punctuation.

- Content Development: Provide relevant ideas and arguments and develop them in the essay.

- Time Management: Manage time effectively to complete each task within the allotted time frame.

2. Guide to PTE Writing Test

Below is a detailed guide on how to approach the PTE Writing test for beginners:

- Step 1: Read the instructions and requirements carefully. In the PTE Writing test, the instructions and requirements of the prompts are crucial information that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, don't just skim through; read and analyze the prompts carefully!

- Step 2: Summarize Written Text. Read the passage carefully and summarize the main idea in a single sentence. Pay attention to using your own words to express the main idea clearly and concisely, and ensure you check grammar and spelling before moving to the next part.

- Step 3: Essay Writing. Before writing the essay, create an outline for your essay to ensure you don't miss out on the main points and go off-topic. When writing, use specific examples and logical arguments to support your viewpoint. Additionally, choose language that is fluent and precise, avoid repetition, and don't forget to check grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

- Step 4: Review and Adjust. Take the final time to read through your essay and correct any grammar, spelling, or factual errors you have noticed.

In addition, when practicing and doing PTE Writing practice test, we provide a timer to help you monitor your practice time and get familiar with the format of the actual test. This will help you become more accustomed to the question format and develop the best strategies for your test.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PTE Writing

3.1. How to prepare for the essay writing section (Write Essay)?

First and foremost, you need to understand the requirements of essay writing and the structure of an essay. Practice writing essays on common topics and use transition words to connect ideas and arguments.

3.2. How to enhance vocabulary and grammar for the report writing section (Write Report)?

Read various materials and take note of new vocabulary and sentence structures. Practice writing reports with real data and use appropriate vocabulary and sentence structures.

3.3. How to summarize written text effectively (Summarize Written Text)?

First, read and understand the content of the passage. Identify the main ideas and select important words and phrases to summarize. Use your own language to express the main idea clearly and concisely.

3.4. How to manage time for the PTE Writing test?

Divide time appropriately for each part of the writing section. Doing the PTE writing practice test online with time limits to improve your speed and efficiency.

3.5. How to develop an effective argument in the essay writing section (Write Essay)?

Start by identifying your viewpoint and outline your essay to ensure you don't stray from the main points and go off-topic. Use specific examples and logical arguments to support your viewpoint, and make sure you fully address the question requirements.

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