When being chosen and used correctly, English grammar books can be both a challenging and reliable source to help you improve language skills on your own. If you are just starting out with English studies and you are looking for a basic English grammar book, this article is ideal for you with the recommendation of top English grammar use books and ways to use them effectively. Everyone can find what they need on our list, regardless of whether they prefer an interactive workbook or a standard grammatical guide. Therefore, stay tuned with us until the very end to keep up with the best English grammar book

English grammar books are necessary for language learners
English grammar books are necessary for language learners

1. Why should we use books to learn basic English grammar? 

1.1. The important role of English grammar books

English grammar books offer an organized and methodical way to learn English grammar through a thorough review of grammatical principles along with explanations, examples, and other resources, which helps learners easily grasp and put the concepts into practice. Therefore, the easiest and most active way to get hold of the basic structure of the English language for efficient communication is to study grammar books. 

In fact, learners who always have sources of reference with them will be able to review grammatical rules and use them on a regular basis. Although a grammar book by itself will not enable someone to communicate perfectly in English, hardly ever do learners succeed in learning English without such a useful reference in hand. 

Learners find it more convenient to study with an English grammar book at hand
Learners find it more convenient to study with an English grammar book at hand

1.2. Benefits of using grammar books for language learners

  • Arrangement and Structure: English grammar books provide topics in a logical order, beginning with the fundamentals and working up to higher-level subjects. This methodical approach guarantees an uninterrupted process of learning as well as helps learners in establishing a strong foundation.
  • Extensive Coverage: The books discuss a great deal of grammar-related subjects, such as parts of speech, sentence construction, verb tenses, and punctuation, etc. This gives learners a comprehensive grasp of English language, empowering them to use the language clearly in a variety of settings.
  • Explanations, illustrations and examples: Grammar books provide plentiful examples to demonstrate the application of grammar principles in practical contexts together with concise explanations of each one, which made it simpler for learners to apply grammatical rules correctly in their own communication.
  • Worksheets: To help students remember the rules they have studied, many English grammar books offer exercises in various forms and types. These tasks help the language learners pinpoint their areas of weakness so they can concentrate on strengthening those areas.
  • Source of Reference: Learners can refer to grammar books as an easy-to-use source of information since they can access a wide range of fast and dependable knowledge anytime, especially when being unsure about a grammar concept or require further explanation. 
English grammar books have many benefits to language learners
English grammar books have many benefits to language learners

2. How to choose a good English grammar book? 

Deciding on the best English grammar book might be difficult given the abundance of options on the market. When choosing an English grammar book, keep the following factors in mind.

2.1. Level of English

To select a grammar book that best suits your needs, identify your language competence by taking online English tests. Only after completing classifying yourself into beginning, intermediate, or advanced learners should you begin to seek publications tailored for your present level.

2.2. Goal for learning English 

The English grammar books may vary depending on the goal of learning. For example, someone learning grammar for the international certificates like TOEIC or IELTS should use different books from those whose aim is only to master school-based English tests or exams. Visit Estudyme if you want to have a further look into grammatical themes specifically tailored for the TOEIC and IELTS.

2.2. Content of the English grammar book

Take notice of the subjects and material that the grammar book covers to make sure it emphasizes the parts of grammar, including sentence structure, verb tenses, and punctuation, that you wish to concentrate on.

2.3. Approach to the grammar

The methods used to present English grammar vary throughout books. Some books give thorough explanations or focus mainly on theory, while others deal with practice or common errors. Find a book that complements your preferred method of learning or make a combination of them all. The optimal strategy ultimately depends on personal learning preferences, aims, and available resources. Depending on the topic matter and intended goals for learning, a combination of these approaches might also be advantageous.

2.4. User-friendly factors

A book with user-friendly features such as logical arrangement, organized layout, vivid illustrations and succinct explanations can not only encourage the learning but also boost up the effective acquisition. Therefore, pay attention to these factors since they directly affect your learning process. 

2.5. Feedbacks from readers and experts

Examine feedback and comments posted by specialists or other language learners to gain understanding of the quality and efficacy of the grammar book. Take into account their suggestions before deciding on a choice. There are several sites for you to check for English grammar book’s reviews such as Goodreads , LibraryThing, or StoryGraph

3. How to use basic English grammar books effectively?

3.1. Begin with the basics

It’s crucial to begin with a book that goes over the foundational rules of grammar if you’re just starting out. Establish a solid foundation before tackling deeper topics.

3.2. Set up reasonable and specific goals

Grammar requires practice and patience for success. Allot a daily schedule for practice and study as well as establish attainable goals with these criterion. 

First, it is sufficiently challenging to you.

Second, it is achievable in a measurable time

Finally, it is aligned with your own overall learning purpose

3.3. Always take notes 

Write down all of the important ideas, guidelines, and illustrations as you study the English grammar books. You can even design you own basic English grammar notes to reinforce your learning, go over these notes on a frequent basis together with applying other learning methods such as spaced repetition to increase the effectiveness. 

3.4. Practice regularly

You must regularly practice grammar if you want to become an expert in the language. Therefore, fulfill the assignments in the books and look for additional ways to practice online or with language partners.

4. Recommendation of top 5 basic English grammar books

These books are excellent resources to begin with if you’re new to studying basic English grammar. 

4.1. Oxford English Grammar Course by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter

This is a three-level grammar series published by the prestigious Oxford University Press, providing a great deal of practice and easy-to-follow instructions and forming a proper learning path from basic to higher level. While the basic level is intended for all students in elementary and pre-intermediate level who seek to increase their proficiency with English grammar, the advanced one contains broader content of grammar for intensive comprehension and creation of longer and intricate texts. Each part concludes with a revision test and pages labeled “More practice” focusing on language use in everyday situations and personalization activities.

Oxford English Grammar Course by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter
Oxford English Grammar Course by Michael Swan and Catherine Walter

4.2. Essential English Grammar In Use by Raymond Murphy

Being one of the bestseller English grammar series in the world and can be used as both reference and practice book for English learners from elementary to advanced level, this book includes all of the grammar needed at the elementary level (A1-B1), making it the ideal choice for students in this level. The book focus on both vocabulary and grammar at the same time, helping learners to develop the language skill set of reading and writing.

Essential English grammar in use by Raymond Murphy
Essential English grammar in use by Raymond Murphy

4.3. Basic English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar 

For those learning English as a second or foreign language, Betty Schrampfer Azar is one of the most famous authors with the Azar Grammar Series, in which consider grammar as the starting point of the language and also the framework for building other skills including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. By using simple, straightforward diagrams and examples, the book covers all fundamental English grammatical structures and topics, especially suitable for ESL students at the first level.

Basic English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar
Basic English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar

4.4. A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar by Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Keith Pullum

Based on the revolutionary achievements of the authors’ previous works, this ground-breaking students textbook on modern Standard English grammar is the reference with no prerequisite for linguistics and meant for college or university students with little to no prior knowledge of grammar. This resource includes exercises that can serve as a foundation for grammar introductions and courses on English structure.

A Student's Introduction to English Grammar by Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Keith Pullum
A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar by Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Keith Pullum

4.5. English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods

Basic English For Dummies keeps to the fundamentals and makes it simple to pick up the skills you need to engage in effective everyday conversation, regardless of your audience or medium. The book offers advice on writing letters, emails, messages, and phone calls in addition to quizzes and self-tests. You’ll find a ton of exercises and examples, advice on how to construct sentences so that you’re readily understood, and so much more to explore English. 

English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods
English Grammar for Dummies by Geraldine Woods


Since grammar offers the structural foundation for learning and teaching, it is evident that grammar is essential for anyone studying or learning a language. Since teaching and learning any language would certainly be far more difficult without grammar, the majority of us require a book as an instructor to walk us through all the rules of grammar.   

Above all, beginning learners had better use both physical grammar books as well as free websites as two sources of reference and practicing the English language. We highly recommend you to combine these best English grammar books with Estudyme’s English test to study effectively.