Take your TOEFL® Reading Practice Tests online!

Immerse yourself in TOEFL success with TOEFL Reading practice tests. Carefully curated by expert tutors, these tests offer 3000+ questions. Besides, the personalized roadmaps helps you identify strengths and weaknesses, while real-time feedback and adaptation to computer-based testing enhance your preparedness. Conquer the highest score — take Estudyme's TOEFL Reading practice tests for a transformative learning experience.

1. Overview of TOEFL Reading practice test on Estudyme

The TOEFL Reading section is designed to evaluate your ability to understand and analyze written English texts. It typically consists of two paragraphs, each followed by a set of questions. The passages are drawn from academic texts and cover a variety of topics.
- In the TOEFL Reading practice test, you are furnished of practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- When you start practing, you will be given a passage and question list to read and find out the correct answer for each.
- After completing your task, press the submit button to check out.
- In the TOEFL Reading passage, you can highlight key points by selecting parts you want then using the given colorful annotations.
- We provide you the count-up timer to help you measure elapsed time.

2. FAQs (frequently asked questions) - TOEFL Reading?

2.1. What types of passages can I expect?

Passages cover various topics, including science, history, social science, and literature.

2.2. How long is each passage, and how much time do I have to complete the Reading section?

Passage lengths vary, but you usually have about 30 - 35 minutes to answer all of the questions of the TOEFL Reading section.

2.3. What question formats will I encounter?

Common question types include multiple-choice, vocabulary questions, inference questions, and questions about the main idea or details.

2.4. Can I go back to previous questions during the test?

No, you cannot go back to previous questions once you've moved on to the next set.

2.5. Is there negative marking for incorrect answers?

No, there is no negative marking on the TOEFL. It's advisable to answer every question, even if you are unsure.

2.6. Is there a specific order in which I should answer questions within a passage?

No, you can choose the order in which you answer questions. Some test-takers prefer to start with questions they find easier before moving on to more challenging ones.

2.7. What should I do if I don't understand a word or phrase in a passage?

Try to infer the meaning based on the context. If that's not possible, focus on understanding the overall meaning of the passage.

2.8. How can I improve my reading speed for the TOEFL Reading section?

Take the TOEFL practice online regularly, focus on skimming and scanning techniques, and gradually increase the complexity of the materials you read.

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