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TOEFL Writing practice tests on Estudyme offer a comprehensive platform to enhance your writing skills. With simulated exam conditions and diverse prompts, you'll practice crafting coherent essays and responses. Receive constructive feedback to refine your proficiency in conveying ideas effectively and meet the demands of the TOEFL Writing section with confidence.

1. Overview of TOEFL Writing practice test on Estudyme

The TOEFL Writing section is used to assess your proficiency in written English, particularly in an academic context. The writing tasks are designed to evaluate your ability to convey ideas, organize them coherently, and use appropriate language and grammar. Before taking the TOEFL Writing practice test, read the instructions below:
- In the TOEFL Writing practice test, you are furnished with practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- When you start practicing, you will be given an audio and a passage, you are required to read the passage first, then listen to the audio to convey your writing paragraph.
- After completing your essay, press the submit button to check out.
- We provide you the count-up timer to help you measure elapsed time.

2. FAQs (frequently asked questions) - TOEFL Writing

2.1. What is the format of the TOEFL Writing section?

The TOEFL Writing section consists of 2 tasks: an independent task and an integrated task.
- Independent task: asks you to express your opinion on a topic, you should provide reasons and examples to support your opinion.
- Integrated task: involves reading a passage and listening to a lecture on the same topic, you are required to summarize the main points from both of them and point out the relationship between them.

2.2. How long is the TOEFL Writing section?

The TOEFL Writing section typically takes 50 minutes to complete. The Integrated Writing task is 20 minutes, and the Independent Writing task is 30 minutes.

2.3. Are notes allowed during the TOEFL Writing section?

Yes, test-takers are allowed to take notes during the reading and listening portions of the Integrated Writing task. These notes can be used when writing the essay.

2.4. How is the TOEFL Writing section scored?

The TOEFL Writing section is scored on a scale of 0 to 30. Both the Integrated and Independent tasks are scored independently, and the scores are then combined for the overall Writing score.

2.5. Can I use personal examples in the Independent Writing task?

Yes, incorporating personal examples in the Independent Writing task is encouraged. It adds depth to your essay and demonstrates your ability to use language in a meaningful context.

2.6. Is spelling and grammar important in the TOEFL Writing section?

Yes, spelling and grammar are important. While the essays are not scored solely on correct grammar and spelling, they contribute to the overall impression of your language proficiency.

2.7. Is there a word limit for the TOEFL Independent Writing Task?

There is no specific word limit for the Independent Writing Task, but it's recommended to aim for a response of about 300-350 words. Focus on expressing your ideas clearly and coherently within the allotted time.

2.8. How can I improve my writing skills for the TOEFL Writing test?

Practice writing essays on a variety of topics. Familiarize yourself with the format of both tasks and review sample essays to understand the expectations. Consider seeking feedback on your writing to identify areas for improvement. Our recommendation is to take the free TOEFL practice tests regularly! 

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