English has long become a global language, playing a crucial role not only in business, communication, and commerce but also in education. Alongside well-known certifications like TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL ITP has gained significant attention and popularity. So, what is TOEFL ITP? Let’s explore this in the following article!


toefl itp
What is TOEFL ITP?


1. Overview of TOEFL ITP


1.1. What is TOEFL ITP?

TOEFL ITP is a form of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) designed to assess the English proficiency of foreign language learners. “ITP” stands for “Institutional Testing Program,” and it is a version of the TOEFL test provided by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), an organization responsible for conducting various essential exams in the field of education.

TOEFL ITP is commonly used in universities, high schools, and different educational institutions to evaluate the English proficiency of new students and international learners. Unlike the TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test), often required for international university admissions, TOEFL ITP is generally not officially recognized for admission purposes in some countries. However, this certificate is still utilized to assess English proficiency in academic programs and measure students’ progress over time.


1.2. Who Should Take TOEFL ITP?

TOEFL ITP is often used to assess and demonstrate English proficiency in environments that do not require internationally recognized certificates. Here are common groups for whom TOEFL ITP might be suitable:

  • International Students: TOEFL ITP is often required or used to evaluate the English proficiency of international students entering universities or high schools
  • Language Learners Wanting to Test English Proficiency: Individuals learning English may choose to take TOEFL ITP to assess their proficiency and identify areas for improvement
  • Employees Wanting to Assess English Skills: TOEFL ITP can also be used by organizations, businesses, or schools to assess the English skills of their employees
  • Learners Enrolled in Language Courses: TOEFL ITP can be a useful tool to measure English proficiency for those looking to participate in language courses without the need for a formal certificate


It’s essential to note that while TOEFL ITP may be helpful in certain situations if you are considering university admission to international institutions, TOEFL iBT is often more widely required. Please carefully read the requirements of the specific institution to submit the appropriate certificate


1.3. Benefits of TOEFL ITP

TOEFL ITP can offer various benefits to its holders across different aspects, including:

  • Assessing academic progress and English language proficiency according to international standards
  • Receiving direct admission or priority points during the University Entrance Exam for both domestic and international admissions (with acceptance from institutions that recognize TOEFL ITP)
  • Meeting requirements in the employee recruitment process for many businesses, companies, or government agencies
  • Evaluating the English proficiency of officers and officials during promotion or salary increase reviews
toefl itp benefits
TOEFL ITP brings a lot of benefits


2. TOEFL ITP Scoring System

When taking the TOEFL ITP, you have the option to choose between Level 1 and Level 2 based on your proficiency.

  • Level 1: Intermediate to Advanced Proficiency
  • Level 2: Elementary to Intermediate Proficiency

Unlike the TOEFL iBT, TOEFL ITP is conducted on paper with all questions in multiple-choice format, divided into three sections. Below is a detailed breakdown of the test structure and scoring for both Level 1 and Level 2:


2.1. TOEFL ITP Level 1

Section 1: Listening Comprehension

  • Part A: Listen to short conversations, each followed by questions. Combine listening skills to choose the correct answer
  • Part B: Similar to Part A, but with longer and more complex conversations.
  • Part C: Similar content to the previous two parts


Section 2: Structure and Written Expression

  • Structure: 4 major questions – choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank
  • Written Expression: 6 major questions – identify errors in sentences


Section 3: Reading Comprehension

  • Read passages and answer questions related to the content.


Summary Table for Level 1 – TOEFL ITP:

Sections Time limit No of questions Scores
Listening comprehension 35 minutes 50 31 – 68
Structure and written expression 25 minutes 40 31 – 68
Reading Comprehension 55 minutes 50 31 – 67
Total 115 minutes 140 310 – 677


2.2. TOEFL ITP Level 2

Section 1: Listening Comprehension

Similar to Level 1, Level 2 comprises 3 parts: Part A, Part B, and Part C.

  • Part A: Candidates listen to sentences and choose the equivalent meaning
  • Part B: Listening to short conversations, each accompanied by different questions. Candidates listen and select the correct answers
  • Part C: Listening to longer and more complex conversations, where candidates infer the implied meaning and choose the most suitable answer


Section 2: Structure and Written Expression

  • Structure: 4 major questions where candidates choose words from the given options to fill in the blanks appropriately
  • Written Expression: 6 major questions where candidates identify errors in provided sentences


Section 3: Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

  • Vocabulary: Choose synonyms or antonyms for the highlighted words in sentences
  • Reading Comprehension: Read provided passages and answer questions

Summary Table for Level 2 – TOEFL ITP:

Sections Time limit No of questions Scores
Listening comprehension 22 minutes 30 20 – 50
Structure and written expression 17 minutes 25 20 – 50
Reading Comprehension 31 minutes 40 20 – 50
Total 70 minutes 95 60 – 150


study for toefl itp
study for TOEFL ITP


3. TOEFL ITP Score Conversion

The total score for the TOEFL ITP exam at both levels is calculated using the formula:

Total Score = [(Listening Score + Structure and Written Expression Score + Reading Comprehension Score)×10] / 3

Below is a score conversion table for TOEFL ITP into various frameworks for reference:

TOEFL ITP 310 – 359 360 450 500 627
CEFR A1 A2 B1 B2 C1
VSTEP Bậc 1 Bậc 2 Bậc 3 Bậc 4 Bậc 5


4. Sample TOEFL ITP Exam

To assist test-takers in understanding the TOEFL exam and enhancing their skills, we have developed a set of practice questions covering Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar skills. These TOEFL practice questions closely align with the actual exam. You can access TOEFL preparation materials on our website now!


These resources aim to provide comprehensive preparation and improve performance on the TOEFL ITP exam. Good luck to all the test-takers, and don’t forget to practice diligently!