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Part 2: Question - Response
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Lesson 1: Answering direct questions
Lesson 2: Time and location structures
Lesson 3: Languages used in requests, offers and opinions
Lesson 4: Dealing with factual questions
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Test 125 questions
Test 225 questions
Test 325 questions
Test 425 questions
Test 525 questions

1. How to take TOEIC® Listening Practice Test Part 2 (Question – Response) on TOEIC® TEST PRO website?

On the TOEIC® TEST PRO website, you can choose any tests to do first.

The TOEIC® Listening test part 2 comprises 25 questions. In each question, you are going to hear one question and three possible responses. You need to choose the best response to the question. 

To hand in your answers, you need to press the submit button.

After each test, you can see your answers, correct answers as well as detailed explanations. 

Although TOEIC® part 2 isn’t the most difficult section of the TOEIC® test, it sometimes makes test takers confused. Therefore, it’s crucial to practice every day and consider carefully before giving the answer.

2. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TOEIC® Listening Test Part 2

2.1. How to allocate time in the TOEIC® listening test part 2?

To complete each question in the TOEIC® listening test part 2 successfully, you can follow the following steps: 

Step 1: Listen to question/ statement

Step 2: Listen to three responses of the question/ statement (marked A-B)

Step 3: Choose the best answer

Step 4: Making use of the five-second break between two questions to quickly look at the next question.

2.2 Can I listen to TOEIC® part 2 the second time?

Recordings in TOEIC® test part 2 will be played ONCE only, so listen carefully or you may miss out the opportunity to give the correct answers. Though you are not certain about your answer, choose the one which you think fits best. Your score will not be deducted for wrong answers. 

2.3. What are common types of questions in the TOEIC® test part 2?

  • Wh-question
  • Yes/ No question
  • Preference question 
  • Statement
  • Suggestions and Requests 

2.4. What are common topics in the TOEIC® listening test part 2?

  • Business tasks 
  • Occupations 
  • Travel and Transportation 
  • Banking 
  • Sports and Entertainment 
  • Dining out
  • Hotels
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