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Part 6: Text Completion
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Lesson 1: Using context to choose the correct verb form
Lesson 2: Choosing correct part of speech
Lesson 3: Using clues to choose correct verb form
Lesson 4: Prepositions & Conjunctions
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Test 1 16 questions
Test 2 16 questions
Test 316 questions
Test 416 questions
Test 516 questions

1. How to take TOEIC® Reading Practice Test Part 6 (Text Completion) on TOEIC® TEST PRO website?

There are 4 passages in the TOEIC® Reading practice test part 6. Each passage includes 4 questions. Each question has one blank. Your duty is choosing one word, phrase or sentence (marked A – D) that fits best the blank. Practice tests on TOEIC® TEST PRO follow the new format; therefore, taking practice tests on this website will help you get familiar with the test format.

After finishing each test on TOEIC® TEST PRO, you can review your work, see your answers and correct answers with detailed explanations. 

2. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TOEIC® Reading Test Part 6

2.1. Which types of passages are often included in the TOEIC® Reading test part 6?

Here are types of passages that often appear in the TOEIC® Reading test part 6:

  • Letter
  • Email
  • Memo
  • Advertisement
  • Instruction
  • Article
  • Notice 
  • Memorandum

2.2. Which grammatical topics are often included in the TOEIC® Reading test part 6?

- Part of speech: 

This is a type of question that requires test takers to determine the form of the word (noun, verb, adjective or adverb).

- Verb tense:

This is a type of question that requires candidates to choose the correct verb tense. To complete this type of question successfully, you need to have a firm grasp of the verb tense as well as sentence structures. 

- Prepositions & Conjunctions: 

Test takers need to thoroughly understand the usages and positions of prepositions and conjunctions. 

2.3. How to allocate time in the TOEIC® Reading test part 6?

Like part 5, you should spend about 10 minutes on part 6 including 10 seconds on each easy question and 30 seconds on each difficult question. The rest of the time should be used for checking answers and transferring answers into the answer sheet. 

2.4. How to improve TOEIC® Reading test part 6 score?

- Learning collocations: When learning vocabulary, instead of learning every single word, it’s advisable to learn collocations. By doing so, you can cope with the TOEIC® part 6 effectively. 

- Thoroughly understanding the basic grammar: The questions about grammar in the new format are not as difficult as those in the new format. Therefore, fully understanding the basic grammar is one of the keys to gain the maximum score in the TOEIC® part 6. 

- Boosting vocabulary regularly: With any English exams, having a wide range of vocabulary means that you have the possibility to attain a high mark. In the TOEIC® test part 6, the number of lexical questions accounts for 70 - 80%. Thus, boosting vocabulary is really essential.


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