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TOEIC Computer - based Simulation Test
Computer-based simulation test with the format and testing interface as the actual test will help you carefully prepare for your test day.
Take mini test with the number of questions and time limit reduced by half
Take full test with the same number of questions and time limit as the actual test

Taking the TOEIC® online exam is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the test format as well as evaluate your current level. From there, you can set up an appropriate test preparation plan to get a high score. 

1. Who should take the TOEIC® online exam?

Anyone who is going to sit for the TOEIC® exam should take the TOEIC® online exam. Taking the test helps to verify your current level of English-language proficiency, from which, you can draw up suitable learning strategies.

Besides, those who just want to test their general English level can also take the TOEIC® online exam. 

2. What are benefits of TOEIC® online test?

The TOEIC® online exam brings a host of advantages for learners.

2.1. Help to improve English competence 

After finishing each online TOEIC® test, you will certainly learn something from it, such as obtaining good vocabulary, structures or collocations. Also, you can identify your strengths, weaknesses and avoid the same mistakes in the next practice test and real test. Your English level will surely be improved every single day. 

2.2. Practicing under time pressure

Time management is extremely important in any exam. It may be an indirect factor affecting your marks. Therefore, it is essential to take the online test at home under time pressure if you want to gain a high score in the TOEIC® exam. By doing that, you can know how much time you should spend for each part. 

2.3. Various kinds of questions

Most of the TOEIC® online exams provide learners with a variety of tasks and questions from easy to difficult. You can choose questions that are appropriate to your level. Tests are carefully compiled by experts as well as follow exactly the same format as the real test. 

2.4. Convenience

One of the perfect advantages of the TOEIC® online exam is convenience. You just need to stay at home or anywhere you like, use a smartphone, computer or any technological device connected with the Internet, you can take the TOEIC® exam. You can save the time to travel to the TOEIC® center.  

3. Why should you choose TOEIC® online exam of TOEIC® TEST PRO? 

Among a great number of websites and apps to study TOEIC®, why is the TOEIC® TEST PRO preferred by many learners? Let’s take a look at the following reasons. 

First of all, online tests on TOEIC® TEST PRO are divided into Full tests and Mini tests appropriate to the need of each person. Full tests are taken in 120 minutes which is like in the actual test. Meanwhile, mini tests are taken in 60 minutes with the quantity of questions reduced by half. 

Secondly, questions are carefully written by expert tutors which cover all sections of a TOEIC® exam such as Listening and Reading. Furthermore, questions are continuously updated according to the new format including topics below:

- Part 1: Photos

- Part 2: Questions and Responses

- Part 3: Conversations

- Part 4: Talks

- Part 5: Incomplete sentences

- Part 6: Text Completions

- Part 7: Single Passages

- Part 7: Double Passages

- Part 7: Triple Passages

Thirdly, each question gives an answer with a clear explanation. Test takers can learn vocabulary, structures as well as collocations provided in the explanations. 

Finally, TOEIC TEST PRO is scientifically and carefully designed to create an eye-catching and easy-to-use interface. TOEIC TEST PRO guarantees to bring users with the best learning experience. 

Download TOEIC® TEST PRO right now to enjoy great contents and superb features. 

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