Overview of TOEIC® Vocabulary Test on TOEIC® TEST PRO

To have a thorough preparation for the TOEIC® exam, boosting vocabulary range is vitally important. Although the lexical level in the TOEIC® test is not as difficult as one in the IELTS exam, you need to have a specific plan to enhance your vocabulary. If you get tired of the traditional learning methods, you can try the new way – flashcard on TOEIC® TEST PRO.

TOEIC® TEST PRO offers you a chance to learn new words in a convenient and flexible way. Learning by flashcards will help you remember words for a longer time. TOEIC® Vocabulary test online on TOEIC® TEST PRO is divided into various topics and 7 parts. You can practice according to topics, parts or both. 

Each flashcard comprises different aspects of a new word including word class, phonetic, meaning and example so that learners can have a deep insight into each word. 

During the period of practicing new words, you can mark a word as memorized or unmemorized. With unmemorized words, you can return to study many other times. 

After practicing, you can play game to memorize words you have learnt. Learning new words combined with playing games has proved an effective way to remember new words. 

Once completing each TOEIC® Vocabulary Practice Test on TOEIC® TEST PRO, you will be informed of your progress which will help you devise plans to study better. 

We hope that TOEIC TEST PRO will be a helpful reference material for people who are encountering difficulty in boosting their vocabulary.

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