Hopefully, this article will help you understand more about the format of TOEIC listening part 3 and tips to get a high score. 


toeic listening part 3
TOEIC listening part 3


1. Toeic Listening Part 3 Overview


1.1. Description of the task

You are going to listen to 13 short conversations, each with 3 questions. For each question, choose the best answer which you think fits best according to what you hear.


toeic listening part 3


1.2. Common topics in Part 3

– Information in the office (time, meeting, material, equipment and appointment)

– Information about one employee (salary increase, promotion, working position)

– Travel (business trip, price, time)

– Restaurants, real estate and retail

– Free-time activities


1.3. Common types of questions in Part 3 


a. Question asking for main idea 


What is the conversation about?

What is the topic of the conversation?

What are the speakers talking about? 

Who are the speakers talking about?


b. Question asking for details


What problem does the woman have?

What does the man suggest? 

What is John’s job? 


c. Inference question 


What is the relationship between 2 speakers?

What will the woman probably do next? 

Where is the conversation likely taking place?


2. Tips to gain a high score in TOEIC Listening part 3


2.1. Read the question – Identify content

Reading questions carefully and guessing answers is an essential step before listening to the Toeic part 3 and the TOEIC Listening test as well. 

You can follow the steps below:

– Step 1: Before the audio is played, there is always an instruction. You should take advantage of this time to read the question and four answers. In this way, you can guess what the conversation is about. 

– Step 2: While the audio is playing, you need to focus on listening to choose the best answer and fill in the answer sheet. 

– Step 3: While the audio is reading the question and four answers, you need to take advantage of this period of time to look at the questions and answers of the next conversation. 


2.2. Identify the role of each character

In the Toeic listening part 3, there are 2 or 3 people taking part in one conversation. If you don’t identify the role of each character, you will be confused and find it difficult to keep track of the conversation. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to identify the voice and role of each person. 

For instance, with the question “What does John advise? If you know John’s voice, you will find it easier to choose the best answer.


toeic listening part 3 tips


2.3. Making inference from the available information

Conversations in part 3 are often requirements or questions. Hence, you can get the correct answer for the first question if you listen carefully to the first part of the conversation. 

For inference questions, you also need to listen to the conversation carefully and gradually get rid of wrong answers. Answers may be expressed by synonyms instead of words taken from the conversation. This is the reason why you need to constantly boost your vocabulary.


3. Tricks in TOEIC listening part 3


3.1. Trick concerning contradictory information

Different from TOEIC listening part 2, in the Toeic part 3, you will often listen to conversations related to negativity and level.

For example: 

What kind of fruit does the man like most?

A. Apple 

B. Pineapple

C. Watermelon

D. Coconut 

All four types of fruit may be mentioned in the conversation but with different levels of liking. Concerning this trap, you may hear some structures such as “I like it but …”, “I used to, but…”, “I’d love but…”.


3.2. Information making confused

You will hear much information in the conversation but only one of them is correct. Other information is mentioned to make you confused. 

For example:

When does the man have to complete an assignment?

  1. On Thursday
  2. On Friday
  3. On Saturday
  4. On Sunday

In the conversation, there is a sentence “In order to make the Sunday edition, you’ll give me your final draft on Friday afternoon”. You hear both options B and D, but B is the correct answer.


3.3. Mistaking information between voices of man and woman


There will be a woman and a man talking with each other in conversations in TOEIC Listening part 3. However, the rapid speaking speed of characters sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish information, thereby making it hard to choose the best answer. 

To avoid this trick, you need to pay attention to these things:

– Who is asking? answering? (man or woman)

– Repeated words


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