1. Toeic part 7 overview


1.1. Description of the task

In TOEIC part 7, you will read ten single passages, 2 double passages, and 3 triple passages. You will be asked 2-4 questions about each single passage and 5 questions about each double and triple passage. For each question, choose the answer that you think fits best according to the text.


Toeic Part 7 overview
Toeic Part 7 overview



1.2. Types of passages in TOEIC part 7

– Ads

– Faxes

– Memos

– Letters

– Emails 

– Notices

– Articles 

– Announcements 


1.3. Types of questions in TOEIC PART 7

There are 4 types of questions in TOEIC part 7:

– Specific questions:

  • How much is the product? 
  • How many kinds of ….? 
  • What percentage of the …..? 
  • When was the e – mail sent? 
  • How often/ How long/ Who …..?

– Main idea questions:

  • What is being advertised? 
  • What’s the purpose of the letter? 
  • What’s the main idea of the article? 
  • What is being discussed? 
  • What is the reason for this correspondence?

– Inference questions:

  • Who might use the product? 

     +   Who would be most likely to read this advertisement? 

     +   What is not mentioned as a way to promote the new product in X Hotel?

–  Vocabulary questions:

  • The word “promotion” in paragraph 1, line 5 is closet in meaning to …
  • The phrase “for rent” is closet in meaning to ….


2. Techniques to get a high score in TOEIC reading part 7


2.1. Skimming 


a. What is skimming?

Skimming is reading rapidly to get the general ideas of the text. In TOEIC Reading, you are required to use this method frequently.

b. When do we need to use skimming?

– Skimming to identify the significance of the text as well as important information 

– Skimming to identify key words 

– After skimming a paragraph in the passage, you can know whether it’s necessary to read this part carefully.

c. How to do skimming? 

– Firstly, read the topic of the text in TOEIC Part 7. This is the most concise summary of the text.

– Read the introduction or overview.

– Read the first paragraph of the text carefully.

– Read headlines and at the same time find the correlation between them.

– Read the first sentences of the remaining paragraphs.  

NOTE: The main idea of each paragraph often lies in the first sentence. If the text begins with a question or a quote, the main idea may lay in the last sentence. 

– Pay attention to:

+ Information answering WH-question words such as who, what, when, why and how.

+ Proper noun

+ Capitalized, italic, bold and underlined words

–  Read the entire last paragraph.


Toeic reading part 7 tips
Toeic Part 7 reading tips


2.2. Scanning

a. What is scanning?

Scanning is reading a text quickly in order to find specific information.

b. How to do scanning?

– It’s necessary to know what information you are looking for. If you identify what information you need to look for, it will be easier to find keywords in the text of TOEIC part 7. 

– Guess what types of information in the text are and where they are included. 

– Analyse the organization of the text before scanning. 

– Quickly look at many lines at once. 

– Once you locate the sentence containing needed information, stop and read that entire sentence.


2.3. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is expressing the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words. 

a. Use synonym


– a car exhibition → an auto show 

– to identify problems in the system →  to expose defects in the system 

– Vehicular access will be temporarily restricted. 

→ Some roads will be closed for a certain period of time.

b. Use antonym 


– The construction will improve the traffic flow. 

→ The construction will ease traffic congestion. 

– The museum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday.

→ The museum is closed to the public on Monday.

c. Transform from concrete nouns into common nouns 


– She is eating an apple.

→ She is eating a fruit. 

– He bought a microwave oven. 

→ He purchased a kitchen appliance.

d. Transform from common nouns into concrete nouns 


– fossil fuels → coal, oil, and gas 

– footwear → shoes, sandals, boots

e. Change parts of speech 


– to take occasional walks → to walk occasionally 

– to dress comfortably → to wear comfortable clothing

f. Use different structures 


– Street parking is available, but limited. 

→ Visitors may have difficulty finding a place to park. 

– Competitive salary is based on the level of prior experience 

→ Pay depends on how much experience the applicant has.


3. Methods to deal with passages in TOEIC part 7


3.1. Methods to deal with single passages

– Determine types of passages (article, ad, announcement, etc) by looking at the title.

– What is the purpose of the passage? Who wrote? Writing for whom? What is the main idea of each paragraph? 

– Read the questions and sort them out. Deal with questions in the order: specific questions – main idea questions – inference questions – vocabulary questions. 

– Looking for keywords (pay attention to paraphrasing) 

– Read carefully lines containing keywords and choose the best answer.


Methods to deal with passages in toeic part 7
Methods to deal with passages in TOEIC part 7


3.2. Methods to deal with double/triple passages

– Determine types of passages (memo, article, schedule, email, review, etc) 

– What is the purpose of the passage? Who wrote? Writing for whom? What is the connection between passages? 

– Read the questions and sort them out. Deal with questions in the order: specific questions – main idea questions – inference questions – vocabulary questions. 

– Looking for keywords (pay attention to paraphrasing) 

– Read carefully lines containing keywords and choose the best answer.


4. Tricks in TOEIC part 7


4.1. Correct answer is not clearly presented


All passengers are informed that photography in the immigration area is not permitted. Also, make sure that you have your passport and completed customs form ready for the officer. Proceed to the immigration desk only when instructed to come forward. Only one person at a time will be served, apart from families travelling with children under age of 10.

Why was the notice written?

  1. To give instructions on filling out a form
  2. To announce changes in departure policies
  3. To provide guidelines for an immigration check.

(Source: Anhngumshoa)


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➨ Trick: 

Analysing options::

  1. To give instructions on filling out a form → not mentioned → wrong
  2. To announce changes in departure policies → wrong
  3. To provide guidelines for an immigration check – You may not be sure whether “guidelines” are correct or not, however, “immigration” is mentioned many times in the text and the options A and B are wrong. Thus, the best answer is C. 

In short, the correct answer may not be clearly presented to trick candidates. 

➨ How to avoid the trick:

– Get rid of clearly wrong answers

– Boost your vocabulary 

Tricks toeic part 7
Tricks to use in TOEIC part 7


4.2. Long and short passages are miscellaneously arranged


To: Justin Roberts, Director of Admissions at Rivers University

From: Daniel Newman, Headmaster of Sunnyside High School

Date: March 14th, 2017

Subject: Sabrina Gouveia

Dear Mr. Roberts

When Ms. Gouveia first entered Sunnyside High as a ninth grader, I was initially impressed by her enthusiasm. She was willing to participate in all the possible event and activities that our school offered. She is a well-rounded person with a winning personality. Her friend and instructors praise her for being selfless, loving and optimistic. The atmosphere she creates makes everyone around her delighted.

Ms. Gouveia is a very competent scholar. She is one the very few twelfth graders here who has never received a grade below A- during her high school career. Granting her an opportunity to become a part of Rivers University will not only give Ms. Gouveia a chance to shine even brighter but it will also allow Rivers University to gain a talent that will raise its prominence. Please contact me if you have any questions about Ms. Gouveia. I am happy to aid her in any way possible


Daniel Newman


Sunnyside High School

Source: Anhngumshoa


1. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

A. To ask about a person’s personality

B. To provide information about an instructor’s high school grades

C. To announce the events that the school offers

D. To recommend a student to a college


2. What is indicated about Mr. Newman?

A. He is Ms. Gouveia’s colleague

B. He works as a principal at a high school

C. He has received good grades in high school

D. He is familiar with Mr. Roberts


➨ Trick: Many passages in Toeic part 7 are long but only ask two questions like the above example. Many people spend time reading every single word in the passage. This is not necessary. 

➨ How to avoid the trick: 

– Read questions first, then underline keywords and find information in the passage. 


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