1. Toeic listening part 4 overview 


1.1. Description of the task

In TOEIC Listening part 4, You will listen to ten short talks, each with 3 questions. For each question, choose the answer that you think fits best according to what you hear.


1.2. Common topics in Part 4

– Telephone messages

– Advertisement/ Announcement

– News/ Broadcast

– Report


1.3. Common types of questions in Part 4

– Question asking for main idea:


  • What is the main purpose of speech? 
  • What is the purpose of the report? 
  • Who is most likely the speaker? 
  • Who is the speech aimed at? 
  • Where is the speaker now? 

– Question asking for details:


  • How many years of experience does Mr. Hegay have in his field of work? 
  • When will the boss leave for his vacation? 
  • How often do the listeners meet? 

– Inference question: 


  • What does the speaker suggest? 
  • What does the speaker advise the audience to do?
toeic listening part 4
TOEIC Listening Part 4 common type of questions


2. Tips to get high score in TOEIC listening part 4 


2.1. Allocate time properly

Another tip to get a high score in the Toeic Listening Part 4 is allocating time properly. You can follow the following steps:

Time  Things to do 
Audio reads the instruction Read the first 3 questions for the first conversation 
Audio reads the talk Concentrate on listening carefully to the talk and choose the best answer. 
Audio reads the first question  Fill in the answers on the answer sheet
Audio reads the remaining 2 questions  Read 3 questions of the next talk 

Note: Don’t spend too much time on one question. If facing a difficult question, boldly choose the answer that you think is the most correct to avoid interruptions and distractions. 


2.2. Underline the keywords in the questions before listening to the recording

You should look at the questions and try to underline all the keywords in the questions and in the answer choices. Take some time to begin with and make sure you underline the correct words. After you get the hang of it, try to do it within 7 seconds. This will be the same amount of time that you have in the actual exam.


2.3. Understanding the big picture

As soon as the instruction of the audio starts, you need to quickly read the answers to guess the topic of the talk as well as keywords that the question may provide like proper name, time, and location. It’s more advisable for you to skim all 4 answers to find out the difference between the sentences and what to note in those answers. Besides, you can make use of the introductory time on how to do the TOEIC Listening test and Part 1,2, and TOEIC Listening part 3 to get the main ideas of talks in TOEIC Listening to part 4.


2.4. Pay attention to the vocabulary part while practicing 

Do not neglect the vocabulary part. While taking the real test, you may encounter vocabulary in exercises or the practice tests that you did before. By becoming familiar with the vocabulary, you can get a head start and reduce the risk of stumbling on a term that could destabilize you.

toeic listening part 4 tips
TOEIC Listening part 4 helpful tips


3. Tricks in TOEIC listening part 4


3.1. Questions about time, day, number, and the amount of money


Transcript: Due to the unanticipated weather changes at several of our scheduled destinations, a number of flights will either be canceled or severely delayed. Flight numbers 777, 778, and 779 have been canceled and passengers will be rescheduled for different flights later this evening. Flight numbers 776, 789, and 790 have been delayed indefinitely. We will have their rescheduled times available for you shortly.


Which of the following flights has been canceled?

(A) Fight number 776

(B) Fight number 777

(C) Fight number 789

(D) Fight number 790


The question asks which flight has been canceled; meanwhile, the talk also mentions flights that have been delayed (Flight numbers 776, 789, and 790 have been delayed indefinitely). Thus, to choose the correct answer to this question, you need to pay close attention to the keyword “been canceled”


3.2. Too much redundant information 


Transcript: This is Ron Brixton from CCR News. I’m here at the WingTip shoe store next to Hyde Park, (1) where hundreds of people have been camping overnight, waiting to buy the new running shoe the company will release tomorrow. (2) Some people have camped here overnight or taken the day off work to be here. From the look of it, you’d think they were giving the shoes away. The shoe is a huge upgrade on WingTip’s last pair of shoes because of their new Boost technology. The Boost technology is made with three stripes of an innovative material the company has developed, which contains thousands of specially formulated foam pellets called “energy capsules”. To show appreciation to its most loyal customers, (3) WingTip is giving out a limited-edition pair on the first day of sales, which features the signature of the Chicago Blue’s star forward Jerry Halliwell.


According to the speaker, what is happening today?

(A) A new product is being released.

(B) The store is closing down.

(C) Their staff is all quitting.

(D) The company is recording a commercial.


What does the speaker mean when she says “You’d think they were giving the shoes away”?

(A) The store is giving the shoes away.

(B) There are a lot of people waiting to buy the product.

(C) They ran out of stock.

(D) A few people were upset about the product.


According to the speaker, what is WingTip offering on the first day of sales?

(A) 10% discount

(B) A new pair of headphones

(C) Free shoes

(D) Special edition shoes


The talk comprises 7 sentences, however, only three of them provide the necessary information for you to choose the correct answer. If you pay attention, you know that the talk follows the structure: introducing the topic – giving details on that topic – and giving relevant information. 

To avoid this trick, you need to read the questions before listening to the recording and imagine the structure of the talk. 

Providing a rich source of exercises as well as tips and tricks, we promise to help you have a thorough preparation for the TOEIC exam. It’s time to start our TOEIC practice test!!