1. General overview of TOEIC score

The Toeic test evaluates your English-language proficiency levels in the workplace. With around 7 million tests taken every year, the Toeic tests are the most widely used in the world. Hence, there are many reasons for taking the test. Listening and Reading are the most popular sections of the Toeic exam.

The score for each section is determined by the number of correct answers, which is then converted to a scaled score ranging from 5 to 495. The final score is the sum of the two scaled scores. Therefore, the best possible TOEIC score you can achieve is 990 and the worst one is 10. 

The table below indicates how your Toeic score corresponds to English proficiency level:

Toeic Score  English Proficiency Level 
10-250  Basic English proficiency (survival skills)
255-400 Elementary proficiency (very limited communication)
405-600 Elementary proficiency plus (limited communication)
605-780  Limited working proficiency 
785-900 Working proficiency plus 
905-990  International professional proficiency 


2. What is a good score in the toeic listening and reading sections?

It is hard to say which score is a good one in the Toeic listening and TOEIC Reading section. However, the key thing to remember is that a “good” Toeic score is the one that you need to fulfill your goals.

Toeic Score
TOEIC score range


If you still find the Toeic scoring system a little vague, you can put it into the context of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for a better understanding. 

The table below gives an indication of how the Toeic Listening and Reading scores equate to the CEFR levels

Minimum Toeic Score (Overall) Minimum Toeic Score (Listening) Minimum Toeic Score (Reading) CEFR Level 
120 60 60 A1
225 110 115 A2
550 275 275 B1
785 400 385 B2
945 490 455 C1 


3. Frequently asked questions about TOEIC score

a. Is it possible to fail the Toeic exam? 

The Toeic is not a pass-or-fail exam. It indicates your English competence in Listening and Reading skills.


b. What can I do if I am unsatisfied with my score?

It is possible to have your Toeic paper marked the second time. You only need to contact the center where you took the test within 6 months after the exam. Your paper will be then marked again. If there is a difference between the first and second mark, ETS will pay for the additional costs. If there is no difference between the first and second mark, you have to pay for them. 


c. How long is the Toeic score valid?

The Toeic test score will be valid in two years. The score is used to measure a candidate’s English capability at the time that a test is administered. 

Since your English skills may enhance or reduce over time, a score report will not be reissued if two years have passed since taking the test.


d. When and how will I receive my Toeic test results?

When and how you obtain your Toeic test results depends on the delivery choice you opt for when registering for the test.

Here are the options for the Toeic Listening and Reading tests:

Standard scoring: postal delivery within 15 working days;

– Express scoring: postal delivery within five working days;

– Super express scoring: postal delivery within three working days.


4. Some helpful tips to attain a high toeic score

There are many tips to maximize your score in the Toeic exam, but here are our top tips: 

– Having a deep insight into the format of the Toeic test is a key to gain a high mark.

– Draw up plans and work out how much time you will spend on studying.

– Test yourself to know your current English level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

– Immerse yourself in English by several ways like reading English books, watching films and listening to music. 

– Learning new words in collocations or topics.

– Learning online is a convenient and flexible way to prepare for the exam. 


You can refer to TOEIC practice test on our website for thorough preparation for the test. The website provides a variety of exercises and mock tests. You will have the opportunity to take full mock tests under timed conditions, like in the real exam.