Overcome the TOEIC® Speaking Test for Question 11: Express an opinion!

SPEAKING Q11: Express an opinion
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1. How to practice Speaking Question 11 on TOEIC® Test Pro

The final task of TOEIC® Speaking is the Express an opinion. To complete this task, you are required to talk about a given topic within the time allowed. To help learners be well-prepared for the last section of the Speaking test, TOEIC® Test Pro introduces to you the comprehensive guide of Speaking Question 11: Express an opinion with the following steps:
- Step 1: Firstly, you are provided with practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- Step 2: After pressing the TAKE TEST button, you will see the specific directions for each one, read them carefully then start your task. 
- Step 3: You will have 45 seconds to read the topic as well as prepare for it
- Step 4: After preparation time, your answer will be recorded automatically, start speaking now. You will have a maximum of 60 seconds to finish your task. 
- Step 5: Press the recording button to submit your answer
- Step 6: Review your answer then move to the next questions

2. Frequently asked questions about the TOEIC® Speaking Question 11

2.1.What is the purpose of TOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
TOEIC® Speaking Question 11 assesses your ability to express an opinion on a given topic within a specific time frame.

2.2. How much time do I have to prepare for TOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
You have 45 seconds to prepare your response before speaking.

2.3. How long is the speaking time for Question 11?
You have 60 seconds to express your opinion on the given topic.

2.4. What types of topics can be expected in TOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
Topics in Question 11 can vary but generally revolve around common issues or situations that individuals might have opinions about.

2.5. Is there a specific format to follow in responding to Question 11?
While there is no strict format, it's advisable to have a brief introduction, a clear expression of your opinion, supporting details or reasons, and a conclusion.

2.6. Are there specific scoring criteria for TOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
The TOEIC Speaking section is typically scored based on factors such as pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and coherence.

2.7. How can I improve my performance inTOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
The advice given is to diligently practice regularly, expand your vocabulary, and focus on clear and concise expression, which can significantly improve your test-taking skills. Start practicing today, a website that offers a variety of speaking topics along with a format identical to the actual test.

2.8. Can I take notes during the preparation time for TOEIC® Speaking Question 11?
Generally, you are not provided with note-taking materials. Use the preparation time to mentally organize your thoughts to achieve your score.

It's time to start preparing by doing a TOEIC practice test online free to get a better score!

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