Conquer the TOEIC® Writing Test for Question 1-5: Write a sentence based on a picture!

WRITING Q1-5: Write a sentence based on a picture
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1. How to practice Writing Questions 1-5 on TOEIC® Test Pro

The very first task of TOEIC® Writing is the Write a sentence based on a picture. In this task, you are provided with a picture and words or phrases, your task is to describe the picture with those words. To help learners be well-prepared for this task, TOEIC® Test Pro introduces to you the comprehensive guide of Writing Questions 1-5: Write a sentence based on a picture by the following steps: 
- Step 1: Firstly, you are provided with practice sets, which you can choose any of them to do first.
- Step 2: After pressing the TAKE TEST button, you will see the specific directions for each one, read them carefully then start your task. 
- Step 3: A picture and 02 words will be shown on the screen, look at the picture carefully to write the sentence 
- Step 4: Press the NEXT button to move to the next picture 
- Step 5: Press the SUBMIT button to finish your answer
- Step 6: Review your answer then move to the next practice test

2. Frequently asked questions about the TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5

2.1.What is the format of the TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
The first task involves writing a sentence based on a given picture. You are provided with words or phrases to use in describing the picture.

2.2. How are responses in TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5 scored?
Scoring typically considers factors such as the relevance of the written sentence to the picture, grammar usage, and the overall clarity of expression.

2.3. Is there a time limit for TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
Yes, there is usually a specific time limit allocated for this part, which is about 8-10 minutes. Thus, efficient time management is important.

2.4. Can I use my own words in addition to the provided words and phrases?
The task often requires using the provided words or phrases, but incorporating your own words while maintaining relevance may enhance your response.

2.5. What types of pictures can I expect in TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
Pictures in TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5 typically depict everyday scenes or workplace scenarios, and your task is to describe them using the provided vocabulary.

2.6. Is there a specific structure to follow in writing the sentence for TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
While there may not be a strict structure, it's advisable to create a grammatically correct and coherent sentence that accurately describes the picture.

2.6. Can I make up a story or narrative in TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
Task 1 is usually focused on describing the given picture, so the emphasis is on providing an accurate and relevant description rather than creating a narrative.

2.7. How can I practice for TOEIC® Writing Questions 1-5?
Practice regularly by describing various pictures using the provided vocabulary. Focus on clarity, grammar, and relevance. Besides, you can practice freely on TOEIC® Test Pro with manifold exam-like practice questions for learners to sharpen your writing skills. 

It's time to start preparing by taking some TOEIC free test online today!

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